I am a professor of computer science, with academic appointments at Purdue University (on leave from August 2015) and the Australian National University, contributing also as a researcher with Data61, Australia. I also consult regularly in intellectual property litigation as a technical expert. I studied computer science at the University of Adelaide, the University of Waikato, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, receiving BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees, respectively. My research interests lie in the area of programming language implementation, and I work on problems arising in object persistence, object databases, distribution, memory management (garbage collection), managed language runtimes, language virtual machines, optimizing compilers, and architectural support for programming languages and applications.

I am a Member of the IEEE and Life Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, and was named a Distinguished Scientist of the ACM in 2012.

I am co-author of the primary reference work for automatic memory management The Garbage Collection Handbook, now translated to Japanese and Chinese!

GC Handbook GC Handbook GC Handbook